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Our Core Values

  1. Challenged by God's Word, we will enable our members to meet the needs of our members, families, community, and the world, serving each other as our Lord has served us (Lk 12:35, 2Co 9:12, Ep 4:12, 1Pe 4:11)
  2. We will share the Good News that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior through Missions and Evangelism (Matt 28:16-20, Eph 4:11, 2TI 4:5)
  3. We will remain grounded in God's Word, offer joyful Christ centered worship for all, and pray in all things (Ps 95:6, Ps 100:2, Jn 4:23-24, Ro 12:1)
  4. Our spiritual fire starts in the family. We will provide the tools necessary for our families to grow at home. Our church, school, and educational ministries will support this process (Mk 5:19, 1Ti 3:4-5, 1Ti 5:8)
  5. God commands us to be in His Word faithfully. Therefore we will provide a quality Christian education and opportunities to participate in ministry through every stage of life to encourage spiritual growth. (Ps 32:8, Ps 78:5, Ps 119:33, Ps 143:10, Lk 12:12, Jn 14:28, 2Ti 2:2, Heb 5:12. Mt 19:14)

Our Purpose

Faith at Home

St. John's has undertaken to become a training station for its member households and families. Following the Biblical directive that the home (parents, and fathers in particular) are responsible for the faith development of those who reside therein, St. John's Lutheran Church seeks to help parents, fathers and other heads of households to turn their home into the "spiritual nurturing place" that God intends for it to be. We seek to equip the homes in our congregation to be beacons of God's light to their households, neighbors and neighborhoods.

St. John's Lutheran seeks to be a "family friendly" congregation wherein families of all shapes and sizes feel comfortable and cared for.